Maintenance Equipment


We carry a large range of spares for a variety of motorcycles & scooters, and everything you might need if you like to work on your bike yourself! We can also order any parts for your bike which we do not carry as stock.


We carry a large variety of motorcycle batteries in stock, we initialise all batteries ourselves and each battery comes with a guarantee. 

We can also advise you on how best to care for your battery, we have a range of motorcycle battery chargers in stock also, which can help to keep your battery in top condition!

Oils & Lubricants

We have the largest selection of Putoline Oils & Lubricants in the Channel Islands and we are certain you can find what you need! We also stock a variety of other makes of lubricants and cleaning products to help you maintain your bike.


In our stock rooms we have a vast selection of tyres in various sizes. We also have inner tubes and offer a FREE tyre fitting service when the tyre is being fitted to a loose wheel. We can ofcourse fit tyres for you if the bike is brought in its entirity, but this does incurr a charge.


We can also repair punctures (depending on position and severity of hole!)

Spark Plugs

We have a huge stock of NGK spark plugs for many MANY bikes & scooters, we always advise you carry a spare with you, as a fouled plug can be a common occurunce!