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Stronger than LEATHER - enough said!!

Our new 'Kevlar' jeans are the Bull-It brand. Bringing a great range of styles to suit all tastes and shapes, both mens and ladies.

Bull-It jeans are market leaders in having the first CE level 2 approved motorcycle jeans. They use Covec™ SR4, SR6 and +7 which are unique laminated constructions consisting of around 300 up to 750 gsm knitted textiles made of high performance yarn, this offers, beside strength, density and a softer knitted feel.

The unique construction improves the drape when wearing. The increased density of Covec™ +7 offers unrivalled high speed abrasion resistance, tested to outperform the highest reported figures seen in motorcycle jeans with Covec™ +7 scoring 7.97 seconds using the most aggressive abrasion test currently available, CE EN 13595-1.Covec™ SR4, SR6 and +7 offer certain advantages over more traditional materials like Aramids and UHMWPE’s and a lot of advantages over Polyamide yarns (like Nylon) and Polyesters yarns.

Depending on the material you compare it with, Covec™ yarn has higher abrasion resistance, higher cut resistance, lower friction heat transfer and is more resistance to wear for prolonged performance.

Bull-It jeans offer a shower repellant finish meaning you don't need to be worried about being caught out if the weather changes! The fabric is wicking, so draws moisture away from the skin, which is ideal in regulating temperature in all climates.

Bull-It jeans offer low thermal conductivity and a high melting point, preventing additional consequential burns in a crash scenario.

With the top models being abrasion tested to 8 seconds!!

Includes pockets to accommodate armour so you are all sorted!!

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