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LIQUI MOLY Performance Additives

We are really pleased to have found the LIQUI MOLY additives to offer to you, here is a quick run through of what they do!


First we have the ENGINE FLUSH which is ideal for use at servicing doing your oil change on 4T motorbikes.

-It removes harmful deposits & residues from the engine

-Flushes and cleans engine from inside

-Ensures optimum engine performance

-Increases service life of the engine

Next there is the 4T ADDITIVE - Fuel System Cleaner

which increases engine performance among other things - and can just be added when filling with fuel!

-Increases engine performance

-Removes deposits from fuel system, spark plugs, valves, combustion chamber

-Prevents renewed formation of deposits

-Reduces fuel consumption

-Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion

-Prevents carburetor icing

-CAT tested

And lastly we have the SPEED ADDITIVE- Performance Improver for easier starting & optimised performance of your 2T or 4T motorcycle!

-State-of-the-art, ash-free combination of agents

-Enhances Acceleration

-Cleans & Protects

-Formulated using state-of-the-art additive and fuel technologies in accordance with the requirements of today's engines, fuels and running conditions.

-Ensures increased driving enjoyment due to optimized performance

-The engine starts easier and also runs smoother