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With so many of us now using our phones for GPS, music as well as calls - it makes sense to have your phone easily visible whilst riding. Majority of smart phones are now becoming waterproof in themselves and older models can easily be made weatherproof with a case.

Choosing a RAM Mount with the innovative X-Grip universal cradle means you don't need to change the hider each time you update your phone, as it automatically fits to most phone sizes, Android or Apple!

We keep in stock a range of base mounts for you to choose how you prefer to mount to your bike, a range of arm lengths, again for personal preference, and then the large X-Grip Cradle which will accommodate the majority of phones on the market currently.... and future models!!

All Ram Mount items come with a lifetime guarantee, they are THAT well built!! browse their catalogue below and pop in store to see the most popular options!


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