The MXU 500 is an automatic, dual-purpose, sports utility quad, which is both robust and comfortable, as well as dynamic and multifunctional. This quad is a breeze to operate and is more that capable of overcoming highly demanding terra firma.


  • Superb Build Quality and Engineering Excellence
    The 498.5cc water-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC powerplant is capable of hauling heavy loads and can reach an impressive 50 mph on the flat. If you find yourself in challenging terrain, you'll appreciate the easy-to-operate 4WD selector and locking differential that keeps all four tyres pulling until you're over or through whatever obstacle you've encountered.

    A breeze to operate with whole a host of features
    The MXU 500 IRS features selectable high/low gear ratios with reverse and selectable 2WD/4WD together with a front winch as standard equipment.

    Other features include independent rear suspension to improve stability and rider comfort, front and rear disc brakes, electric and pull start, fully enclosed footboards, tow hitch (600kg towing capacity), foot & parking brake, front and rear racks, digital display, shaft drive, steel wheels with dual purpose tyres.

    *AVAILABLE TO ORDER - Please note Quads are not road legal in Jersey, they are for use on private land*