The new mid-range XRX, with its more responsive engine, enhanced rider ergonomics and advanced technology, delivers a new level of performance, capability and style.
With all the features you'll find on the base XR, the new XRX adds a major step up with all-new technology, including: adjustable full-colour TFT display, ergonomic backlit switchcubes, keyless ignition, four riding modes, and LED lighting and DRL* all as standard.
Add to that a step up in core features, including; Triumph Semi-Active Suspension, optimised ABS and cornering traction control, heated grips and you get a brilliantly versatile adventure bike, that’s as perfect touring the world’s highways as it is for your everyday ride.

Tiger 1200 XRX

  • Additional to Tiger 1200 XR

    Full colour 5” TFT display instruments
    Ergonomically backlit switchcubes and 5 way joystick
    All LED lighting including signature daytime running lights (DRL)
    Keyless ignition
    4 riding modes: Road, Rain, Off Road and Sport
    Triumph Semi Active Suspension (TSAS)
    Optimised cornering ABS
    Optimised cornering traction control
    Updated Cruise Control

    The XRx is also available in a low seat option!