If you want a stylish, economical and reliable ride for your daily commute, then take a look at KYMCO’s new fuel-injected VSR 125i Naked Sports motorcycle.

VSR 125i

  • The first thing that stands out on the VSR 125i is the bike’s sharp & modern styling, and it’s this edgy ‘street bike’ that makes it a popular choice for younger riders looking for an alternative to the traditional style of learner-legal commuter bike.

    Powered by KYMCO’s ultra-efficient 4-stroke air cooled OHC 125cc fuel-injected engine, the VSR is also impressively cheap to run, making it one of the most affordable 125 commuter bikes on the market today. With a comfortable top speed of 65mph, the VSR can achieve well in excess of 100 miles per gallon. That means based on average petrol prices, £10 worth of fuel could, in theory, cover more than 160 miles.